Top things to do in Dakhla Oasis

Top Choice Tomb in Dakhla Oasis

Qarat Al Muzawwaqa

These tombs were rediscovered by the Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Fakri in 1971 and some have since been restored, including the tomb of Oziri (Petosiris) and Badi Baset (Petubastis), the only ones open to the publi…
Ruins in Balat

Qila Al Dabba

Qila Al Dabba is Balat’s ancient necropolis. The five mastabas (mud-brick structures above tombs that were the basis for later pyramids), the largest of which stands more than 10m high, date back to the 6th dynasty.…
Temple in Dakhla Oasis

Deir Al Haggar

This restored sandstone temple is one of the most complete Roman monuments in Dakhla. Dedicated to the Theban triad of Amun, Mut and Khons, as well as Horus (who can be seen with a falcon’s head), it was built betwe…
Spring in Al Qasr

Bir Al Gabal

Set among breathtaking desert scenery, Bir Al Gabal is a gorgeous place for a soak. During the day in winter and spring any ambience here is overwhelmed by day-tripping school groups and blaring music. Come in the e…
Egyptian in Mut

El Forsan Cafe

Behind El Forsan Hotel (you can walk through the hotel to enter), this surprisingly lush patch of grass is home to a garden cafe that serves up mammoth feasts of simple but fresh Egyptian flavours, including all man…
Ruins in Mut

Old Town of Mut

Old Mut's visitors lived in fear of raiding Bedouin, so very few houses have outside windows, to protect against intruders and heat and dust. The labyrinthine streets had a similar purpose. On the top is Mut's old c…
Egyptian in Mut

Said Shihad

Owner Said is on to a good thing here: grilling up a nightly meat-centric feast to a dedicated following of hungry locals. The shish kebab is the thing to go for – perfectly succulent and served with potatoes in a t…
Egyptian in Mut

Ahmed Hamdy's Restaurant

On the main road into town is Ahmed Hamdy’s popular place serving delicious chicken, kebabs, vegetables and a few other small dishes inside or on the terrace. The freshly squeezed lime juice is excellent, as is the …
Egyptian in Mut

Fateer Al Wadi

Fresh-from-the-oven sweet or savoury fiteer (flaky pizza), made to order by a friendly crew.
Lake in Dakhla Oasis

Bir Qalamoun

Beautiful lake where you can rent a little rowing boat and ask a fisherman to cook you lunch.