Ruins in Balat

Qila al-Dabba

Qila al-Dabba is Balat’s ancient necropolis. The five mastabas (mud-brick structures above tombs that were the basis for later pyramids) here, the largest of which stands more than 10m high, date back to the 6th dyn…
Temple in Dakhla Oasis

Deir al-Haggar

This restored sandstone temple is one of the most complete Roman monuments in Dakhla. Dedicated to the Theban triad of Amun, Mut and Khons, as well as Horus (who can be seen with a falcon’s head), it was built betwe…
Spring in Dakhla Oasis

Bir al-Gebel

Set among breathtaking desert scenery, Bir al-Gebel is a gorgeous place for a soak. During the day in winter and spring any ambience here is overwhelmed by day-tripping school groups and blaring music. Come in the e…
Historic Site in Dakhla Oasis

Rock Carvings

Carved into the weird rock formations 45km towards Al-Kharga, where two important caravan routes once met, are prehistoric petroglyphs of camels, giraffes and tribal symbols. The site has recently suffered from the …
Museum in Mut

Ethnographic Museum

Dakhla’s wonderful museum is only opened on request: ask at the tourist office (or call) and Omar Ahmad will arrange a time for your visit with the museum’s manager, Ibrahim Kamel. The museum is laid out as a tradit…
Spring in Dakhla Oasis

Mut Talata

There are several hot sulphur pools around the town of Mut, but the easiest to reach is Mut Talata. It’s at the site of the small Mut Inn, so unless you are staying there, you’ve got to pay to take a dip. The pool’s…
Tomb in Bashendi

Tomb of Kitines

This sandstone tomb was occupied by Senussi soldiers during WWI and by a village family after that. Nevertheless, some funerary reliefs have survived and show the 2nd-century AD notable meeting the gods Min, Seth an…
Ruins in Balat

Ain al-Asil

Ain al-Asil, or Spring of the Origin, is the site of a ruined Old Kingdom fortress that’s unfortunately much less interesting than its name suggests. It's 2km along the dirt track on the way to Qila al-Dabba.
Spring in Dakhla Oasis

Magic Spring

Off the road to Qalamun is the so-called Magic Spring, a cool, rock-lined pool where you can relax with soft drinks (E£5 to E£10) served at a small cafeteria under a couple of palm trees.
Museum in Al-Qasr

Ethnographic Museum

Occupying Sherif Ahmed’s house, which itself dates back to 1785, the museum’s everyday objects try to give life to the empty buildings around them.