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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Oum El Dounia

At a great central location, Oum El Dounia sells an exceptionally tasteful and good-value selection of locally made crafts. These include glassware, ceramics, jewellery, cotton clothes made in Akhmim, and other in…
Museum in Cairo

Agricultural Museum

Built in 1930 in the most expansive British colonial style, this whole museum should be in a museum. Only two buildings of a much larger complex are still open, and they’re a bit decrepit, but they still pack in ama…
Top Choice Mosque in Cairo

Al-Azhar Mosque

Founded in AD 970 as the centrepiece of the newly created Fatimid city, Al-Azhar is one of Cairo’s earlier mosques, and its sheikh is considered the highest theological authority for Egyptian Muslims. The building i…
Top Choice Egyptian in Cairo

Café Riche

This narrow restaurant, allegedly the oldest in Cairo, was the favoured drinking spot of the intelligentsia. A certain old guard still sits under the ceiling fans, along with tourists who like the historic ambience.…
Monument in Cairo

Cairo Tower

This 187m-high tower is the city’s most famous landmark after the Pyramids. Built in 1961, the structure, which ressembles a stylized lotus plant with its latticework casing, was a thumb to the nose at the Americans…
Top Choice Books in Cairo


Fabulous: English, French and German titles, from novels to travel guides to coffee-table books. It also has a kids’ section, a large music wing and a small cafe.
Top Choice Mosque in Cairo

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

Massive yet elegant, this great structure is regarded as the finest piece of early-Mamluk architecture in Cairo. It was built between 1356 and 1363 by Sultan Hassan, a grandson of Sultan Qalaun; he took the throne a…
Top Choice Lebanese in Cairo


Delicious Lebanese food in a sumptuous but relaxed atmosphere. Diverse and delicate mezze come with fresh-baked pillows of pita, and mains such as fatta are served in individual cast-iron pots. The setting is very s…
Top Choice Market in Cairo

Khan al-Khalili

Cairenes have plied their trades here since the khan was built in the 14th century, and parts of the market, such as the gold district, are still the first choice for thousands of locals. Open from early morning to …
Top Choice Museum in Cairo

Coptic Museum

This museum, founded in 1908, houses Coptic art from the earliest days of Christianity in Egypt up through early Islam. It is a beautiful place, as much for the elaborate woodcarving in all the galleries as for the …