Cairo shopping

Top Choice Books in Cairo

American University in Cairo Bookshop

The best English-language bookshop in Egypt, with a huge selection of material on the politics, sociology and history of Cairo, Egypt and the wider Middle East, as well as other more general non-fiction titles. Ther…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Oum El Dounia

At a great central location, Oum El Dounia sells an exceptionally tasteful and good-value selection of locally made crafts. These include glassware, ceramics, jewellery, cotton clothes made in Akhmim, and other inte…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Cairo


Think ‘Sahara chic’ is an oxymoron? Think again. Caravanserai (meaning a roadside inn where traders and travellers could get some R&R after a tough journey) offers beautiful furniture that fuses Egyptian orienta…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Cairo


If you hate haggling at the souq, Mamelouk is a top place to pick up souvenirs at fair prices. Handmade pottery, fabrics and painted tiles punctuate a busy room stacked with everything from furniture to Sphinx figur…
Market in Cairo

Souq Al Fustat

It's a shame more travellers don't venture to this modern market-complex after their Coptic Cairo visit as there are some interesting boutiques here – nearly all focused on modern Egyptian handicrafts. There are fun…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo

O&M Art

Dusty, dark and usually filled with more slumbering cats than customers, this quiet gallery, located on the 1st floor of an apartment building off Brazil St, normally doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic because of the…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Wady Craft Shop

This charity store run by the Anglican church sells work done by refugee organisations and disadvantaged families. There are plenty of kitchen linens and wooden inlay products but the traditional wooden children's t…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo


Specialists in jewellery and traditional Bedouin crafts and costumes. Items include appliqué tablecloths and cushion covers, dresses made in the oases, woven baskets, silk slippers and chunky silver jewellery. To fi…
Fashion & Accessories in Cairo

Villa Baboushka

Even if you’re not in the market for a sequin bra, a stop at this chic boutique is worthwhile. Tucked on a quiet, leafy block of the otherwise busy Ismail Mohamed St, Villa Baboushka houses two stories of eccentric …
Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Khan Misr Touloun

This shop opposite the Mosque of Ibn Tulun is stacked with a desirable jumble of reasonably priced crafts, wooden chests, jewellery, pottery, puppets and scarves.