Top Choice Egyptian in Cairo

Café Riche

This narrow restaurant, allegedly the oldest in Cairo, was the favoured drinking spot of the intelligentsia. A certain old guard still sits under the ceiling fans, along with tourists who like the historic ambience.…
Top Choice Lebanese in Cairo


Delicious Lebanese food in a sumptuous but relaxed atmosphere. Diverse and delicate mezze come with fresh-baked pillows of pita, and mains such as fatta are served in individual cast-iron pots. The setting is very s…
Top Choice Egyptian in Cairo

At-Tabei Ad-Dumyati

This place offers some of the cheapest meals in Cairo – and also some of the freshest and most delicious, both sit-down and takeaway. Start by picking four salads from a large array, then order shwarma or ta’amiyya,…
Egyptian in Cairo

Fasahat Soumaya

Down a little pedestrian alley is this sweet restaurant with only a few tables. All the staples are here, prepared like an Egyptian mom would make: various stuffed vegies, hearty stews and extra odd bits (rice sausa…
Top Choice Egyptian in Cairo


Small eatery serving fresh street food prepared with a gourmet twist; the delicious dishes can also be taken away - ideal for a picnic. Fresh juices, salads, whole-wheat kushari and fabulous salads. Keep space for t…
Egyptian in Cairo

Abu Tarek

‘We have no other branches!’ proclaims this temple of kushari. No, the place has just expanded, decade by decade, into the upper storeys of its building, even as it has held onto the unofficial 'Best Kushari' title.…
Egyptian Fast Food in Cairo

Akher Sa’a

A frantically busy fuul and ta’amiyya takeaway joint with a no-frills cafeteria next door, Akher Sa’a has a limited menu but its food is fresh and good. This branch in Sarwat has a fast-food-style set-up downstairs …
Egyptian in Cairo


Not directly on the square, but just behind a row of buildings, this good ta’amiyya, fuul and salad place has been around for nearly a century. You can eat at pavement tables or hide away upstairs.
Egyptian Fast Food in Cairo


A mini-empire taking up the better part of a block, Al-Omda offers numerous ways to put grilled meats into your system. At the takeout joint on the corner, get a shish tawouq (marinated chicken grilled on skewers) s…
Thai in Cairo

Bird Cage

This soothing, wood-panelled space is a favourite with wealthy Cairenes. Grilled foods don’t have the proper char, but other preparations, such as whole sea bass wrapped in banana leaves, are good and beautifully pr…