Cairo in detail

Travel with Children

Cairo can be exhausting for kids, but there is much they will enjoy. Be aware the pavements and traffic can be a nightmare for parents with little ones, so backpack-style child carriers are a much better idea for toddlers than pushchairs. The heat can be a serious drain on kids, as well as frazzle parents, so visit in the cooler winter months if possible and time outdoor sightseeing for the morning. It’s worth buying Cairo, the Family Guide, by Lesley Lababidi and Lisa Sabbahy (AUC Press), revised in 2010.

Children of all ages will like an excursion on a Nile felucca or a night-time party boat, gawking at Tut’s treasures in the Egyptian Museum, and investigating the Pyramids of Giza and the brilliant solar barque at the nearby Cheops Boat Museum, as well as exploring the mazelike market of Khan Al Khalili. For evening entertainment, most kids will be mesmerised by a rambunctious and colourful performance of the Al Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe, while the Cairo Puppet Theatre shows should enchant younger ones.

Parents with smaller children should head to Al Azhar Park on a Friday or Saturday, when local families flock here for picnics. It's a great chance to mingle with local children. Although a full-tilt tourist trap, many little ones will also enjoy Dr Ragab's Pharaonic Village. A little tattered, it's good for sparking the imagination about what life in ancient Egypt was like. In Ma'adi, the Art Cafe runs child-friendly arst and crafts sessions, as well as storytelling events that are a good way to balance out all the history.