Cairo in detail

Cairo is known for

Nostalgia & Vintage Cairo

Windsor Bar Timewarp bar where mid-20th century tourists once flocked to sink beer and tell travel tales.

Manial Palace Cairo's one-percenters once lived it up amid these lavishly eclectic salons.

Aisha Fahmy Palace Aristocratic early 20th century mansion with eye-popping rococo interiors.

Fishawi's Serving up ahwa (Arabic coffee) and shai (tea) since 1773.

Sprawling City Views

Bab Zuweila The best view of Islamic Cairo's minaret-studded sprawl.

Citadel Domed mosques, rubble-strewn rooftops and the Pyramids peeking out in the distance.

Cairo Tower Panoramas of the Nile scything between Zamalek's gardens and Downtown's modern towers.

Al Azhar Park The citadel's Mosque of Mohammed Ali lords it up over the skyline from here.

Quirky Museums

Museo Mevlevi This painted dervish theatre seems to have slid right out of a storybook.

Nilometer This relic once monitored the Nile's ebb and flow.

Egyptian Textile Museum A trip through Egyptian history using textiles as your guide.

Postal Museum Miniature dioramas of Egyptian post offices, complete with tiny postmen. What more could you want?

Mosques, Minarets & Mausoleums

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan He didn't rate as sultan, but he left Cairo one of its most magnificent mosques.

Madrassa & Mausoleum of Qalaun Mamluk artistry of stucco and stained glass reaches its epoch in this tomb.

Al Azhar Mosque One of Cairo's oldest mosques, still its most esteemed.

Mosque of Mohammed Ali A bold, brassy statement of Ottoman styling overlooking the city from the Citadel.

Mosque of Qaitbey Visit to admire the exquisitely carved minaret and dome.

Mosque-Madrassa of Al Ghouri Richly decorated vaulted halls and intricately painted wood panelling.