Top Choice Traditional Music in Cairo


The Egyptian Centre for Culture & Art runs this intimate space dedicated to folk music. Don’t miss the traditional women’s zar, a sort of musical trance and healing ritual (Wednesday, 9pm; E£25); Tuesday has va…
Top Choice Cabaret in Cairo


Worth visiting for the gorgeous interior alone, this old-school hall got a makeover in recent years, and its Orientalist fantasia, complete with red-velvet drapes, feels substantially less seedy than other Downtown …
Jazz in Cairo

Cairo Jazz Club

The Cairo Jazz Club has kept up with the beat, and it has one of the city’s liveliest stages, with modern Egyptian folk, electronica, fusion and more, seven nights a week, usually starting around 10pm. You must book…
Live Music in Cairo

After Eight

A hip, poorly ventilated venue that gets packed for everything from Nubian jazz to the wildly popular DJ Dina, who mixes James Brown, ‘70s Egyptian pop and the latest cab-driver favourites on Tuesdays; the clientele…
Cabaret in Cairo


One of the seediest and most bygone-glory belly-dance venues is Palmyra, a cavernous, dilapidated 1950s dancehall in an alley off Sharia 26th of July. It has a full Arab musical contingent, belly dancers get (margi…
Dance in Cairo

Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe

Egypt’s only Sufi dance troupe – more raucous and colourful than white-clad Turkish dervishes – puts on a mesmerising performance at the Wikala of Al-Ghouri near Al-Azhar, and occasionally other venues. It’s a great…
Theatre in Cairo

Cairo Puppet Theatre

The long-running Cairo Puppet Theatre is opposite Ezbekiyya Gardens in Downtown Cairo. The shows are in Arabic, but are colourful and animated enough to entertain non-Arabic speakers of all ages.
Cabaret in Cairo

Haroun El-Rashid Nightclub

This old-fashioned-looking five-star club – all red curtains and white marquee lights – is where the famous Dina has been known to undulate.
Cabaret in Cairo

Nile Maxim

The best of the Nile cruise boats, run by the Marriott, is a relatively economical way to see a big-name star such as Randa or Asmahan, along with an à la carte menu. Go for the later sailing, as the show is less ru…
Circus in Cairo

National Circus

One-ring show with clowns, acrobats, lions and lots of glitter, usually running during the cooler months. Go early to get good seats. It’s very traditional (including in its use of animals), and usually runs during …