Top things to do in Bahariya Oasis

Top Choice Museum in Bahariya Oasis

Al Hayz Water Education Center

This water museum is a real treat, with an informative introduction to Egypt's water resources and problems, the geology of the Western Desert, traditional agriculture and architecture in the oases, and what needs t…
Top Choice Spring in Bahariya Oasis

Ain Gomma

Ain Gomma is one of the most magnificent springs around. Cool, crystal-clear water gushes into this small pool surrounded by the vast desert expanse, and the funkiest cafe in all of the oases sits beside it. Situate…
Desert in Bahariya Oasis

Black Desert

The change in the desert floor from beige to black, 50km south of Bawiti, signals the beginning of the Black Desert. Formed by the erosion of the mountains, which have spread a layer of black powder and stones over …
Archaeological Site in Bawiti

Qarat Qasr Salim

This small mound amid the houses of Bawiti is likely built upon centuries of debris. There are two well-preserved 26th-dynasty tombs here, which were robbed in antiquity and reused as collective burial sites in Roma…
Mountain in Bahariya Oasis

Gebel Dist

Gebel Dist is an impressive pyramid-shaped mountain visible from most of the oasis. A local landmark, it is famous for its fossils; dinosaur bones were found here in the early 20th century, disproving the previously…
Mountain in Bahariya Oasis

Gebel Al Ingleez

Clearly visible from the road to Cairo, flat-topped Gebel Al Ingleez, also known as Black Mountain, takes its name from a WWI lookout post. From here Captain Williams, a British officer, monitored the movements of L…
Spring in Bahariya Oasis

El Jaffara

A few kilometres south of the Bahariya–Cairo road, about 7km from Bawiti, lies the mini-oasis of El Jaffara, where two springs – one hot, one cold – make this a prime spot in winter or summer. It's near Eden Garden …
Egyptian in Bawiti


Big and clean, Rashed serves set multicourse meals that revolve around the usual meaty grill options. Head east for about 400m from the tourist information building, along the main road, to find it.
Bar in Bahariya Oasis

Peter's Bar

This bar is as much a surprise as the hotel's own hot spring. Cold, cold beers!
Museum in Bawiti

Golden Mummies Museum

Only 10 of Bahariya's richly decorated cache of 10,000 mummies are exhibited here. While the motifs are formulaic and the work is second-rate, the painted faces show a move away from stylised Pharaonic mummy decorat…