Asyut in detail

Flights & getting there

Asyut is a major hub for all forms of transport, although if you want to go by road to Luxor and the south you will have to change at Sohag.


Asyut’s airport, 35km west of the city, has several flights a week to Cairo and the Gulf.


The Upper Egypt bus station near the train station has services to Cairo (LE80, five to six hours), Hurghada (LE80, 5½ hours), Sharm El Sheikh (LE130, 10 hours) and Alexandria (LE110, eight hours).

Servees & Taxi

There are no microbuses to Luxor. You might be able to take one to Mallawi, but this is sometimes forbidden. A private taxi to Luxor will cost up to LE1000.


There are several daytime trains to Cairo (1st/2nd class LE79/44, four to five hours) and Minya (LE39/26, one hour), and about 10 daily south to Luxor (LE70/40, five to six hours) and Aswan (LE95/52, eight to nine hours). All stop in Sohag (LE33/21, one to two hours) and Qena (LE59/35, three to four hours).