Asyut attractions

Convent in Asyut

Convent of the Holy Virgin

At Dirunka, some 11km southwest of Asyut, this convent was built near a cave where the Holy Family are said to have taken refuge during their flight into Egypt. Some 50 nuns and monks live at the convent, built into…
Island in Asyut

Banana Island

Banana Island, to the north of town, is a shady, pleasant place to picnic. You’ll have to bargain with a felucca captain for the ride: expect to pay at least LE40 an hour.
Landmark in Asyut

Asyut Barrage

Until the Nile-side Alexan Palace, one of the city’s finest 19th-century buildings, has been renovated and reopened, the Asyut Barrage serves as the most accessible introduction to Asyut’s period of wealth. Built ov…