Top Choice International in Aswan

Panorama Restaurant & Bar

The Panorama is the best thing to open in Aswan, and in the Mövenpick's eyesore tower, in a long time. The food is good, service friendly and efficient, and the room elegant; but the real draw is the 360-degree view…
Egyptian in Aswan


Popular with meat-eating local families, this place is famous for its excellent fresh kebabs and kofta as well as stuffed pigeon. Mains come loaded down with bread, salad, tahini, rice and vegetable stew, making it …
Egyptian in Aswan

Nubian Beach

Nubian cafe-restaurant set in a quiet garden on the west bank of the Nile, against the backdrop of a towering sand dune and near a popular swimming spot. When it's too hot or on colder evenings, you can also chill o…
Egyptian in Aswan

Chef Khalil

Small but popular fish restaurant, a short walk from the train station into the souq. It serves fish from Lake Nasser and the Red Sea, chosen from a chilled display, charged by weight and grilled, baked or fried to …
International in Aswan

Salah Ad-Din

One of the best of the Nile-side restaurants, with several terraces and a freezing air-con dining room. The menu has Egyptian, Nubian and international dishes, a notch better than most restaurants in Aswan. The serv…
Pizza in Aswan

El-Tahrer Pizza

Just off the souq in front of the train station, El-Tahrer Pizza is a popular cafe serving pizza and fiteer at rock-bottom prices. Tea and sheesha are also served.
French in Aswan

1902 Restaurant

The revamped Old Cataract Hotel has several top-end outlets, but none grander than the 1902. Under its Moorish-inspired dome, the chefs – trained here and in France – serve some of the finest food in the country. Th…
Pizza in Aswan

Biti Pizza

Biti is a popular air-conditioned restaurant that serves good Western-style pizzas. Even more recommended are the delicious sweet and savoury fiteer (flaky Egyptian pizza), including the excellent tuna fiteer or the…
Pizza in Aswan


A cafe terrace and restaurant to head for at sunset (if you can't get to the Cataract Hotel) for its spectacular views over the First Cataract. Sit on the huge shady terrace for a mint tea, or enjoy the small select…
Egyptian in Aswan


This Nubian restaurant, set on an island just beyond Elephantine Island, continues to serve excellent Nubian food, served in large and lavishly decorated portions. It can be a wonderfully atmospheric place to spend …