Aswan in detail

Getting Around


Aswan is not a great town for cycling. However, there are a few places at the train station end of Sharia As Souq where you can hire bicycles for about LE20 a day. Bet El Kerem rents bikes for LE100 per day and also runs cycling trips (LE100 to LE200 per person) in the countryside and to Luxor (€595 per person for eight days).


Two public ferries (LE1) run to Elephantine Island: the ferry departing across from EgyptAir goes to the Aswan Museum, while the ferry across from the Travel Choice office (formerly Thomas Cook) goes to Siou. A third public ferry goes from the ferry landing across from the train station to West Aswan and the Tombs of the Nobles for LE1. Foreigners might be expected to pay more than the local ferry fare. Shuttleboats go to and from Mövenpick Resort Aswan.


Microbuses (LE1 to LE2) run along the major roads in Aswan.


An all-day taxi tour of some of the sights near Aswan should cost between LE300 and LE400 (excluding entry tickets), depending on distances and number of sights covered.

A taxi anywhere within the town costs LE10 to LE20.