Aswan in detail


Most visitors to Aswan stay on their cruise boats, so there has been little investment in hotels, but things are slowly changing.

Hotel touts at the train station try to convince tired travellers that the hotel they have booked is now closed, so that they can take them to another hotel and collect a commission. Ignore them, as their commission will be added to your bill.

Aswan House Rentals

A number of flats are for rent on the west bank of Aswan and on Elephantine Island, offering a good-value option for a longer stay, or even just for a night. Simply walk around on Elephantine Island and you will be offered houses for rent.

If you want to book ahead, check Bet El Kerem for Nubian houses, or ask Mohamed Sobhi at Animalia. Mohamed Arabi has four amazing houses for rent in his 4-acre garden and orchard on the west bank, all tastefully decorated in Nubian style, with cool marble floors, clean bathrooms and a sitting room. These houses are very peaceful, and at night dinner with garden produce is served on a terrace on the Nile.

Peak Season

Prices vary greatly depending on the season; high-season rates run from October through to April, and peak in December and January.