Antiques in Alexandria

Sayed el-Safty

Probably the most interesting antique shop in the city. Well worth a browse.
Antiques in Alexandria

Attareen Antique Market

Antique collectors will have a blast diving through the confusion of backstreets and alleys of this antique market. Many items found their way here after the European upper class was forced en masse to make a hasty …
Maps in Alexandria

Mohandes Mostafa el Fadaly

A mohandes (engineer) who created and sells a street map of Alexandria (E£30), indispensable if you’re spending any significant time in the city. Find Mostafa above the Mr Sanyo clothes store.
Market in Alexandria

Souq Ibrahimiyya

This is one of our favourite markets for peeking into Egyptian life. Down several tiny, covered side streets near the Sporting Club, it’s packed with fresh produce, piles of still-wet seafood, and stalls selling pou…
Mall in Alexandria

City Center Mall

A 20-minute drive south of the city, this is one of the largest malls, and includes the massive French superstore Carrefour. It sells everything from groceries to TVs.
Books in Alexandria

Al-Maaref Bookshop

Has a small English-language section that includes titles on Egypt and Alexandria.
Smoking in Alexandria

Mohammed Abdo

Build-your-own sheesha like the locals do.
Market in Alexandria

Anfushi Fish Market

In a city that devours more fish than a hungry seal, you’d expect to find a pretty impressive fish market – and Alexandria delivers. At the northern tip of Anfushi this market bustles daily with flapping seafood tha…
Market in Alexandria

Souq District

At the western end of Midan Tahrir, the battered, grand architecture switches scale to something more intimate as you enter the city’s main souq district. It’s one long, heaving bustle of produce, fish and meat stal…