Top Choice Egyptian in Alexandria

Mohammed Ahmed

Looking for us at lunchtime in Alex? We're usually scoffing fuul and falafel here. Mohammed Ahmed is the undisputed king of spectacularly good and cheap Egyptian standards. Select your fuul (we recommend iskandarani…
Top Choice Seafood in Alexandria


Pronounced ‘Adora’, this is one of Alexandria’s most authentic fish restaurants, where food is served at tables in the narrow street. Pick your fish from a huge ice-packed selection, usually including sea bass, red …
Top Choice Greek in Alexandria

Greek Club

The Greek Club's wide terrace is just the ticket for catching the evening breeze and watching the lights along Alex's legendary bay. The moussaka and the souvlaki are both easy menu winners, and the seafood selectio…
Egyptian in Alexandria


This bustling joint serves some of the best shawarma in town plus excellent hand-thrown sweet or savoury fiteer (Egyptian flaky pizza). Can't choose? Order the shawarma fiteer for an Egyptian fast food double-up. Do…
European in Alexandria

La Varanda

Next door to famous tea room Delices, and run by the same people, La Varanda is a cosy place that specialises in Greek and French cuisine with steaks, good meatball dishes and yuvetsi (Greek pasta) on the menu. Dess…
Cafe in Alexandria


Trianon was a favourite haunt of the Greek poet Cavafy, who worked in offices on the floor above. Stop here to admire the 1930s grandeur of its sensational ornate ceiling and faded but still glorious wall panels. Gr…
Seafood in Alexandria


This second branch of the popular Alexandria seafood institution serves up great fish dishes in an air-con dining room.
Egyptian in Alexandria


Egypt’s answer to (although a vast improvement on) McDonald’s, this chain of absurdly popular takeaway joints has people flocking (think gadflies) day and night. It serves a huge range of filled sandwiches, kebabs, …
Egyptian in Alexandria

Malek es-Seman

By day this is a small courtyard clothes market; by night it’s an open-air restaurant doing one thing very, very well: quail. Birds are served grilled or stuffed. Both ways are delicious, but we especially like the …
Sandwiches in Alexandria

Awalad Abdou

With only minor concessions made to hygiene, this uberbudget place is nonetheless a smashing find. These guys will whip up micro-sandwiches with a scrumptious, meaty filling of your choice. Just point to what looks …