Mosque in Alexandria

Mosque of Abu Abbas al-Mursi

This stately mosque was originally the tomb of a 13th-century Sufi saint from Murcia in Spain. Today, it dominates a large midan (square) that covers an entire city block, and is easily visible and accessible from t…
Mosque in Alexandria

Terbana Mosque

The beautiful little Terbana Mosque stands at the junction of Sharia Faransa and Wekalet al-Limon. This entire quarter, known as Gumruk, stands on land that was underwater in the Middle Ages. Late 17th-century build…
Mosque in Alexandria

Mosque of Al-Qaid Ibrahim

This massive mosque, built in the 1940s, is a major landmark. It played an important role in the 2011 revolution as a gathering point for many of the city's protests.
Mosque in Alexandria

Shorbagi Mosque

The Shorbagi Mosque is built with salvaged remnants of antiquity.
Synagogue in Alexandria

Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue

Among the largest synagogues in the Middle East, this magnificent Italian-built structure served Alexandria’s once thriving and cosmopolitan Jewish community. The interior features immense marble columns and space f…