Al Quseir in detail


Don't Miss: Strolling around the Old Town

Ringed in between Sharia Al Gomhurriyya and the waterfront is Al Quseir’s old town. It's a twisting labyrinth of alleyways where progress seems happy to hit the snooze button and local life is snail-paced. Within the squiggle of lanes below the Ottoman fortress, wind your way past pastel-washed houses, some still boasting original mashrabiyya window screens and in various states of decay, while looking out for hand-painted hajj decorations and quirkily coloured doors.

A few historic buildings to keep an eye out for as you wander:

  • Old Police Station Originally an Ottoman diwan (council chamber), the once grand old police station on Al Quseir's waterfront is now a picturesque but dilapidated shell.
  • Granary Just behind the old police station is the fortress-like facade of the granary. It dates to the early 19th century and was used to store wheat that was destined for Mecca.
  • Faran Mosque The minaret was built in 1704.