Al Kharga Oasis restaurants

Egyptian in Al Kharga

Al Ahram

This small, friendly place is a carnivore's favourite. It serves roast chicken and kofta (mincemeat and spices grilled on a skewer) accompanied by modest salads and vegetable dishes. The smell of grilled meat will l…
Crêpes in Al Kharga

Crepiano Cafe

Yep. It's a crêperie in Al Kharga. And the crêpes are rather good too. Choose from a plethora of ingredients (from chocolate to sausage and everything in between), seat yourself at a rickety table outside and survey…
Pizza in Al Kharga

Pizza Ibn Al Balad

If you're pining for a change from grilled meat and salad, make a beeline for this little place that rustles up some of the best fiteer (Egyptian flaky pizza) in the oases. Choose from cheese, vegetarian, tuna or be…
Egyptian in Al Kharga


This busy joint gets the thumbs up from Al Kharga locals for serving simple but tasty Egyptian feasts of grilled meats, salads, rice and vegetable dishes. It's one of the town's most solid choices for a decent meal.
Egyptian in Al Kharga


Popular restaurant selling excellent fresh fish – unlikely in the middle of the desert, but true.