Top Choice Archaeological Site in Al-Kharga

Necropolis of Al-Bagawat

It may not look like much from afar, but this necropolis is one of the earliest surviving and best-preserved Christian cemeteries in the world. About 1km north of the Temple of Hibis, it’s built on the site of an ea…
Top Choice Historic Site in Al-Kharga Oasis

Qasr el-Labakha

Set amid a desertscape of duney desolation, Qasr el-Labakha is a micro-oasis some 40km north of Al-Kharga. Scattered among sandy swells and rocky shelves are the remains of a towering four-storey Roman fortress, two…
Fort in Al-Kharga Oasis

Qasr al-Ghueita

The garrison’s massive outer walls enclose a 25th-dynasty sandstone temple, dedicated to the Theban triad Amun, Mut and Khons. In later centuries, the fortress served as the perimeter for a village, with some houses…
Fort in Baris

Qasr ad-Dush

About 13km to the southeast of Baris, Qasr ad-Dush is an imposing Roman temple-fortress completed around AD 177 on the site of the ancient town of Kysis. A 1st-century­ sandstone temple abutting the fortress was ded…
Fort in Al-Kharga Oasis

Qasr az-Zayyan

The remnants of the fortress of Qasr az-Zayyan encloses a temple, but not much remains of the building and unless you're a die-hard archaeology fanatic, so it's easy to give this one a miss. The fort is 4km south fr…
Ruins in Al-Kharga

Monastery of Al-Kashef

Dominating the cliffs 2km to the north of the Necropolis of Al-Bagawat, the ruined Monastery of Al-Kashef is strategically placed to overlook what was one of the most important crossroads of the Western Desert – the…
Museum in Al-Kharga

Al-Kharga Museum of Antiquities

Designed to resemble the architecture of nearby Necropolis of al-Bagawat, this two-storey museum is an old-school, dusty trove of archaeological finds from around Al-Kharga and Dakhla Oases. The collection is small …
Fort in Al-Kharga Oasis

Ain Umm el-Dabadib

This impressive fort sits on a ridge rising grandly out of the desert plains about 20km west of Qasr el-Labakha. It has one of the most complex underground aqueduct systems built in this area by the Romans. Trips he…
Spring in Al-Kharga Oasis

Ain Amur

High up on the Abu Tartur Plateau, Ain Amur is the highest spring in the Western Desert. It's small so plan on a dunk rather than a swim. It's 70km west of Labakha and you'll need a 4WD with experienced local driver…
Mosque in Al-Kharga


This mosque sits on the edge of Al-Kharga's small old-town area.