Al Fayoum in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

Al Fayoum was long notorious for its heavy-handed security for independent travellers. In recent years, however, this seems to have lifted, and few travellers have reported issues. Police at checkpoints seldom inspect passports (though you should carry yours just in case), and often if you’re a lone tourist in a microbus full of Egyptians, you’re waved on through without question. Occasionally individual travellers may be appointed a police escort, but this rarely happens these days. The only sign of police escorts we saw on our last visit was on the Wadi Al Hittan access road; and that only seemed to be the case for large tour groups.

If you avoid Medinat Al Fayoum and head for the sights elsewhere in the area, you may not be troubled by anything at all.

Tourist Information

The Fayoum Tourism Authority has an office next to the waterwheels in Al Fayoum’s main town, but it’s not always staffed; the same goes for a kiosk by the Helnan Auberge Fayoum on Lake Qarun.