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The area includes parts of the remaining swath of the Choco-Andean forest, a corridor that extends to parts of Colombia, southern Panama and the Ecuadorian coast. Its flora and fauna, still relatively unmapped, are threatened by logging, slash-and-burn agriculture and water pollution, the same scourges that have decimated wildlife habitats elsewhere. The reserves themselves, at around 500m to 1400m, are technically in tropical cloud forests and receive a whopping 6000m (236in) of rain annually with an average daily humidity of 85% to 95% (no malaria or dengue, but you should have insect repellent on hand).

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$59 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Dinner and Chocolate Tour PLUS La Leyenda de Chocolate Tour

Starts at El Quetzal de Mindo in Mindo, Ecuador Trek back in time about 5,600 years where cocoa originated in the Amazon basin of Ecuador. While Ecuadorian drummers play local music. Participants are invited to pick up an instrument and play, if they like.  We will all pitch in and roast cocoa beans over a wood fire, hand shell the cocoa beans and hand grind the warm beans with a stone grinder. We add spices and flavorings that were used 3,000 years ago to flavor our beverage. You will get a chance to mix the beverage until frothy and serve the beverage to the participants to enjoy an authentic chocolate. After we drink our beverage we are invited to hang out, dance, sing and enjoy. Food and beverages are available for purchase. Free parking available

$14 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Mindo Chocolate Tour

Starts at El Quetzal de Mindo in Mindo, Ecuador Welcome to our popular chocolate tour. We see more than 2,000 people come to our tours per month. We began making chocolate in 2008 and sell chocolate bars in Mindo and in the US. First we will congregate at El Quetzal, a well-known restaurant-cafe in Mindo we have where a small chocolate factory where we make small batches of chocolate by hand. We also have cocoa trees and you will taste fresh fruit and see the entire processing of cocoa beans from fermentation, drying, roasting, winnowing, grinding, and making batches of chocolate to finished and wrapped bars. You will finish with a tasting of a sampling of chocolate bars made at El Quetzal. Parking Available

$36 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Mindo's Top Attractions Pass

Save 25% off the combined vendor price at each attraction with Mindo's Top Attractions Pass. This pass makes traveling faster, cheaper and simpler by using one single ticket to enter all attractions. Upon purchase, you will immediately receive a voucher with a QR Code (one per person) allowing for direct entry into the four attractions of your choice (no need to carry cash).Mindo's Top Attractions Pass includes entrance to your choice of 4 of the the following attractions: Mindo Canopy: Zip line above the scenic forest on the best, safest, original canopy tour in Mindo (includes 10 lines). Waterfall Sanctuary on a Cable Car: Ride a cable car through the forests of Mindo, stopping to explore 7 waterfalls on the way. Butterfly Garden: Enter the interactive garden to observe more than 1,200 butterflies and learn about their life stages. Yumbo's Chocolate Tour: Ecuador is famous for its chocolate. Learn about is production and do it yourself. Mindo Biking: Rent a bike to get to each of the attractions or ride around the beautiful town of Mindo (24 hour rental). Mindo's Top Attractions Pass does not include a tour guide and transportation to all of the attractions; however, you can get to each attraction with your bike, with a cab and at the majority of the attractions, guided tours are offered in English and Spanish. The pass is valid for six months, but you can easily visit all of the attractions in one day. At each attraction, simply present your voucher (either paper or mobile) along with your ID and your pass will be scanned for entrance.You should only scan your ticket once at each attraction so you will have access to the 4 attractions of your choice.

$5 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Mindo's Cable Car and Waterfall Sanctuary

On the Tarabita, you travel between mountain tops, stopping at the falls entrances. The destination begins the walk towards the Nambillo waterfall (15 minutes), magnificent for swimming and photography. Next, take a 30 minute walking detour that leads to the Sanctuary of Waterfalls or the exclusive path to the Reina Waterfall which includes a 60 minute walk all in virgin forest and allows to reach the best of all waterfalls. Ticket provides round trip transportation on the cable car. You stop to walk to the waterfalls at your own leisure.


Cloud Forest Experience

Head for the clouds – cloud forest, that is. Experience it from your lodge in the middle of the Mindo forest, sitting at a comfortable 1200m in altitude. Try river tubing, rappelling, hiking, or horseback riding, or just take a more relaxed pace enjoying the jungle atmosphere. The Mindo area is known for its amazing bird-watching and more orchids than you thought possible.

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