Hostería y Restaurante Izhcayluma

Resort in Vilcabamba

Located 2km above town to the south, German-owned Izhcayluma is excellent value, a refined hilltop retreat. The outdoor dining area serves German-Ecuadorian cuisine and has sweeping panoramic views. A ‘holistic wellness room’ offers massages and other treatments, and there is a bar and swimming pool. The cabins and rooms are quiet and spacious.

The newest cabins, clocking the best views of Cerro Mandango and the new trail system through the grounds, are stunning and tastefully decorated with Valdivia culture artifacts. This place is always packed, so book your room at least a week in advance. A direct shuttle service ($15) runs from Cuenca's La Cigale hostel. Breakfast is not included in the rates, but 7:30am yoga is. You can grab advice about continuing south to the Peruvian border here.