Top things to do in Upper Río Napo

Wildlife Reserve in Upper Río Napo

Reserva Biológica Jatun Sacha

This 25-sq-km biological station and rainforest reserve is located on the south shore of the Río Napo, 23km east of Puerto Napo. It is run by Fundación Jatun Sacha, an Ecuadorian nonprofit organization that was form…
Wildlife Reserve in La Punta, Ahuano & Around


You’re guaranteed to see all manner of jungle wildlife at AmaZOOnico, a well-known animal rehabilitation center located on the grounds of Selva Viva, a 17-sq-km reserve of primary forest on Río Arajuno, a narrow tri…
Waterfall in West of Misahualli

Cascada Las Latas

Misahuallí’s most enjoyable sight is some way outside the town, but it’s well worth spending a few hours to do the return riverside walk, which takes you through the rainforest. Take a Misahuallí–Puerto Napo bus and…