The Southern Oriente restaurants

Ecuadorian in Macas

La Maravilla

Easily the most charming place in town, this blue casita is all ambiance, from the twinkling porch lights to the stuffed red-leather armchairs. Come to chill with tablas (cutting-boards) of meat and cheese and yuca …
Cafe in Macas

Cafe y Bar La Julieta

Macas' only proper cafe, La Julieta serves great coffees (including an interesting maple coffee), cheesecakes and brownies, salads and sandwiches with influences from both the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The …
Pizza in Macas

Tisho's Pizzeria

The owner of Tisho's spent some years in the States, and here are the results: big thick-crust pizzas and even Philly cheese-steak sandwiches. Some pizzas are so big they're pushed over on trolleys.
Pizza in Sucúa

Tisho’s Pizzeria

A block off the main plaza, Tisho’s Pizzeria offers American dishes inspired by the owner’s years in the States, including Philly cheese-steak sandwiches and a 'Texas' pizza.
Fast Food in Gualaquiza

Los Pinchos

On the main square, atmospheric Los Pinchos is a bar which serves the eponymous pinchos (skewered grilled meat and vegetables) street-side for a dollar a pop.