Boat in Coca

Coop de Transportes Fluviales Orellana

Offers a passenger service in a covered 60-passenger canoe to the Peruvian border and back. Buy tickets early. It departs from the dock on Malecón Chimborazo Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30am for the border t…
Bus Station in Coca

Bus Station

Coca's bus station is a bit of a mouthful if you call it by its full name, but the spic-and-span terminal building is impressive by Amazon, Ecuadorian or international standards, and well-organized, with ATMs, eater…
Bus in Macas

Bus Station

As if to compensate for the closed-down airport, Macas has got one of the snazziest bus terminals in all of the Ecuadorian Amazon as of 2018. A huge, modern, clean place with restaurants and ticket counters that han…
Air in Lago Agrio


TAME flies to Quito once or twice daily ($52 to $116, 45 minutes), with occasional non-flight days and odd cancellations. Be sure to budget an extra day or two for international flights in case of delays.
Bus in Tena

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is at the southern end of town. Café Tortuga keeps a list of current bus times.
Airport in Coca

Aeropuerto Francisco de Orellana

Coca's airport. The only notable flights are operated by TAME, to Quito three times daily.
Airport in Macas

Aeropuerto Edmundo Carvajal

Only chartered flights to remote jungle communities leave from here following suspension of the Macas–Quito flights.
Air in Coca


Flies between Coca and Quito three times daily (from $65 on a special offer to $174 on a flexible ticket each way).
Pick-Up Trucks in Coca

Cooperativa Camionetas Río Napo

Pickup trucks and taxis at Cooperativa Camionetas Río Napo provide service in town and out.
Taxi in Misahuallí

Compañía Trans Dumbiki

Your friendly local taxi and camioneta coop in Misahuallí.