Museum in The Galápagos Islands

Charles Darwin Research Institute

This research station contains a national park information center, an informative museum, a baby tortoise house with incubators where you can see hatchlings and young tortoises, and a walk-in adult tortoise enclosur…
Museum in Isla Isabela (Albemarle)

Interpretation Center

This modern and easily digestable center explains the history and significance of the Galápagos better than anywhere else in the country. Exhibits deal with the biology, geology and human history of the islands - it…
Wildlife Reserve in Puerto Ayora

Charles Darwin Research Station

Just northeast of town is this iconic national park site, where more than 200 scientists and volunteers are involved with research and conservation efforts, the most well-known of which involves a captive breeding p…
Tunnel in Isla Santa Cruz (Indefatigable)

Lava Tunnels

These impressive underground tunnels southeast of the village of Santa Rosa are more than 1km in length and were formed when the outside skin of a molten-lava flow solidified. When the lava flow ceased, the molten l…
Wildlife Reserve in Isla Santa Cruz (Indefatigable)

Rancho Primicias

Next to El Chato is this private ranch, owned by the Devine family. There are dozens of giant tortoises, and you can wander around at will. The entrance is beyond Santa Rosa, off the main road – ask locals for direc…
Treehouse in Isla San Cristóbal (Chatham)

Casa del Ceibo

Scoring high on novelty, the Casa del Ceibo is a small shed built halfway up an enormous ceiba tree. It’s possible to spend a night in the treehouse or climb up the outside.
Wildlife Reserve in Isla Santa Cruz (Indefatigable)

El Chato Tortoise Reserve

South of Santa Rosa is El Chato Tortoise Reserve, where you can observe giant tortoises in the wild. When these virtually catatonic, prehistoric-looking beasts extend their accordionlike necks to feed, it’s an impre…
Wildlife Reserve in Puerto Villamil

Villamil Lagoon

Behind and to the west of the village is this lagoon, known for its marine iguanas and migrant birds, especially waders – more than 20 species have been reported here. A trail a little over 1km long begins just pas…
Beach in Isla San Cristóbal (Chatham)

Cerro Brujo

Possibly one of the nicest beaches in the Galápagos, Cerro Brujo is a huge white expanse found on the west side of the island. The sand here feels like powdered sugar. A colony of sea lions and blue-footed boobies c…
Lake in Isla San Cristóbal (Chatham)

El Junco Lagoon

Around 10km east of El Progreso along the main road, you'll find El Junco Lagoon – a freshwater lake some 700m above sea level. It’s one of the few permanent freshwater bodies in the Galápagos. Here you can see frig…