Top Choice Colombian in Cuenca

Moliendo Café

This is one of the best little eateries you'll find in Ecuador – and that's why Moliendo Café is always rammed. The hearty arepas (maize pancakes) herald from Ecuador's northern neighbors but are a specialty here. T…
Top Choice Ecuadorian in Zamora

Tio Bolo

The town's most popular place: sublimely cooked grills in an intimate open-sided space overlooking the river. It would be premature to say that it's transformed the malecón (waterfront) into a gastronomic hub, but h…
Ecuadorian in Cuenca


This restaurant has a small menu of traditional plates such as seco de chivo and gourmet fritada (fried chunks of pork, served with hominy, avocado and other garnishes). It’s one of the best places to try cuy (guine…
Ecuadorian in Zamora

La Choza

Serving fried fish, churrasco (fried steak with eggs and rice) and fried frog’s legs (which are delicacies and so command high prices), La Choza is a health foodie’s nightmare, but it’s good, and the fish is local a…
Ecuadorian in Cuenca


This Cuenca institution is overwhelmingly popular with locals and travelers and stays open late. The food hangs somewhere between Ecuadorian comfort food and diner fare. Get a pew on the upstairs deck for a view of …
Ecuadorian in Loja

El Tamal Lojano

The almuerzos are good, but the real reason to come is for the delicious quimbolitos, humitas, empanadas de verde and tamales lojanos. All the Loja region's foodie classics, in short.
Ecuadorian in Cuenca

Tres Estrellas

Long in the business, Tres Estrellas roasts up gourmet cuy (roast guinea pig, $17, serves two). If you’re not up for that squeaky delicacy, there’s outstanding grilled beef, chicken and pork on the menu too.
Ecuadorian in Vilcabamba

Hostería y Restaurante Izhcayluma

Bavarian specialties and classic Ecuadorian dishes are the fare here. Izhcayluma also offers excellent vegetarian substitutions for the meat dishes. South of the center. Worth the trip up the hill.
Ecuadorian in Saraguro

Mamá Cuchara

‘Mother Spoon,’ as the name aptly means, serves up hearty, tasty meals right on the main plaza. Money goes to the indigenous women’s association that runs it.
Ecuadorian in Gualaceo

Mercado 25 de Junio

For lunch in Gualaceo, try the Mercado 25 de Junio, two blocks north (down) and then three east of the main plaza.