Cafe in Cuenca

Windhorse Cafe

The pies (peanut butter flavor, mmm!) are outstanding, the home-baked cakes are addictive, the salads are enticing and so the Tardis-like Windhorse baits you into lingering a-while. The lingering sometimes morphs in…
Cafe in Cuenca

Café Nucallacta

The best cafe in Cuenca. Artisan Ecuadorian coffee is roasted and the resulting brews are the main reason to stop by – along with gleaning an insight into Ecuador's coffee industry from the knowledgable owner. But t…
Cafe in Loja

Biscuit & Co

It's difficult to say when we like dropping by this cute French-Ecuadorian place most: probably early evening, as a prequel to a night out. From organic teas to quiches and sweet treats, you'll find something to tic…
Cafe in Cuenca

Cacao & Canela

This excellent little café-cum-bar serves cheap, wholesome sandwiches and good coffee in a warm, dimly lit atmosphere.
Deli in Vilcabamba

La Baguette

French goodies (pain au chocolat, quiche) to take out.