Top Choice Colombian in Cuenca

Moliendo Café

This is one of the best little eateries you'll find in Ecuador – and that's why Moliendo Café is always rammed. The hearty arepas (maize pancakes) herald from Ecuador's northern neighbors but are a specialty here, t…
Top Choice Fusion in Saraguro

ShamuiCo Espai Gastronòmic

A surprising find in Saraguro, this unpretentiously sophisticated spot is run by a local chef who trained in some of Europe's best restaurants. Bold cuisine falls somewhere along the lines of highland Ecuadorian tap…
Top Choice Pizza in Vilcabamba

Shanta’s Bar

We love Shanta’s – and have done for years. It serves pizza and big plates of frogs' legs in an innovative rustic setting with saddle seats at the bar and a bartender with a handlebar mustache. Ask about the licor d…
Top Choice Seafood in Loja


Serving some of Loja's best seafood, Riscomar prepares delicious, Ecuadorian-style ceviche in a civilized dining room. The chivo en cerveza (goat in beer) is a surprise addition to the menu.
Ecuadorian in Cuenca


This restaurant has a small menu of traditional plates such as seco de chivo and gourmet fritada (fried chunks of pork, served with hominy, avocado and other garnishes). It’s one of the best places to try cuy (guine…
Bakery in Vilcabamba

La Baguette

Divine French goodies – pain au chocolat, quiche, and even gluten-free bread on Wednesdays – to take out.
Ecuadorian in Vilcabamba

Hostería y Restaurante Izhcayluma

Bavarian specialties and classic Ecuadorian dishes are the fare here. Using local ingredients where possible, Izhcayluma also offers excellent vegetarian substitutions for the meat dishes and some vegan selections. …
Ecuadorian in Saraguro


Serving up typical Ecuadorian fare from tamales to full almuerzos (set lunches), community-based restaurant Tupay utilize as many organic ingredients as they possibly can, in the process educating local farmers on s…
Cafe in Cuenca

Windhorse Cafe

The pies (peanut butter flavor, mmm!) are outstanding, the home-baked cakes are addictive, the salads are enticing and so the Tardis-like Windhorse baits you into lingering awhile. The lingering sometimes morphs int…
Cafe in Cuenca

Café Ñucallacta

The best cafe in Cuenca. Artisan Ecuadorian coffee is roasted and the resulting brews are the main reason to stop by – along with gleaning an insight into Ecuador's coffee industry from the knowledgable owner. But t…