Tourist Information in Saraguro

Tourism Office

This office on the main plaza is a useful starting point for inquiries about tours to communities and sights outside town. If there is no one in the office, head down to the bottom side of the plaza to the municipal…
Tourist Information in Loja

Ministerio del Medio Ambiente

Responsible for administering Parque Nacional Podocarpus; provides information on the park accordingly.
Guard Post in Highlands Sector

Control de Cajanuma

Entrance checkpoint to the Highlands sector of Parque Nacional Podacarpus.
Guard Post in Lowlands Sector

Control de Bombuscaro

Control point for the lowlands sector of Parque Nacional Podacarpus.
Bank in Macará & the Peruvian Border

Banco de Loja

Banco de Loja has an ATM ($200 limit) but no currency exchange.
Tourist Information in Cuenca

Tourist Office

Friendly and helpful; English spoken. On Parque Calederón.
Hospital in Cuenca

Clínica Hospital Monte Sinaí

An excellent clinic with some English-speaking staff.
Bank in Zamora

Banco del Austro

On the Plaza AND with a functioning ATM. Score!
Tourist Information in Vilcabamba

Tourist Office

Helpful, with good info and maps of area hikes.
Information in Zamora

Ministerio del Ambiente

Information on Parque Nacional Podocarpus.