Tourist Information in El Bosque Petrificado Puyango

Information Center

Register here before you go to the petrified forest. The staff has useful information on the history of the area and there's a small museum on site (info in Spanish). Guides are available on a tip basis.
Tourist Information in Reserva Ecológica Manglares Churute

Information Center

The reserve's information center is on the left side of the main Guayaquil–Machala highway headed towards Machala, 50km southeast of Guayaquil. Stop here to register before visiting the park.
Tourist Information in Zaruma

Tourism Office

Find the tourist information office just off the Plaza de Independencia. Offers info about the local area, plus an upstairs museum about the history of Zaruma. Staff only speak Spanish.
Tourist Information in Puerto López

Tourism Office

The tourism office is on a side street off Ruta del Spondylus, but is often unmanned. Alternatively, ask at guesthouses and tour operators for local info.
Hospital in Guayaquil

Clínica Kennedy

One of the better hospitals in Guayaquil, by the Policentro shopping center in the suburb of Kennedy. Avenida del Periodista is also known as San Jorge.
Internet in Playas

Cyber Claudia

This internet café and a call center is only a few blocks from the plaza. It's $0.50 per hour to browse the internet.
Tourist Information in Salinas

Tourist Information

Located at the far end of the beach, this little hut can provide travelers with maps and info on the local area.
Tourist Information in Guayaquil

Dirección Municipal de Turismo

This small office for city and regional tourist info is friendly, but usually Spanish-speaking only.
Cultural Center in Guayaquil

Alliance Française

This French cultural center holds exhibitions, concerts and various courses and lectures.
Bus in Zaruma

Bus Station

Informal bus stop, where buses drop off and pick up passengers, next to the gas station.