Santa Elena Peninsula to Guayaquil attractions

National Park in Salinas

La Chocolatera

The westernmost point of Ecuador has three main attractions:La Fae Beach, with a boarded walkway where you can watch a seal colony;El Morro (or little hill), with a lighthouse and incredibly spectacular views over S…
Museum in Salinas

Whale Museum

Run by the passionate Ben Hasse, a pioneer of whale-watching in the area, this small and informative whale museum has several whale skeletons, including one fully assembled 11m humpback frame. Other interesting spec…
Beach in Salinas

San Lorenzo Beach

Salinas' main, and most crowded, beach sits on the malecón opposite dozens of restaurants and hotels. It has volleyball courts, a pier (from which you can take a boat ride or whale-watching trip) and plenty of water…
Beach in Salinas

Chipipe Beach

To the west of San Lorenzo Beach is Chipipe – equally well maintained, but with a fraction of its neighbor's crowds. If you're looking for a quieter beach experience, or more space to play beach games, this is the o…
Museum in Santa Elena Peninsula to Guayaquil

Los Amantes de Sumpa

Located a couple of blocks from the main road, on the west side of Santa Elena, this museum sits on an ancient cemetery of the indigenous Sumpa people. The main displays feature several 5000- to 8000-year-old skelet…
Architecture in Playas

San Francisco Bakery

This historic 125-year-old bakery, comes complete with an original old stone oven, which is itself around a century old. Not only is it a good photo op, but it sells incredibly good sweet bread, baked every morning …
Church in Playas

Iglesia San Jacinto del Morro

Constructed in 1737, this spectacular green and white church is one of the oldest churches on Ecuador's south coast. Originally built with traditional materials wood and adobe, it stands strong despite the vicious f…
Aquarium in Santa Elena Peninsula to Guayaquil

Acuario Valdivia

Acuario Valdivia is an animal rescue center where you can get an up-close look at some of the marine life of Ecuador (sea turtles, penguins, blue footed boobies and a sea lion).