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Tour and Workshop of Coffee and Chocolate

Learn to how to make a chocolate and enjoy of the coffee on this workshop
4 hours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Tour Package - Visit Palomino Islands, Pachacamac and Center Of Lima

In this package of the must-see attractions in Lima, you can enjoy the cultural and nature. A complete experience about the city.
3 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Private Full-Day Tour of Portobelo and 2 Caribbean Beaches

- Explore the history of Colon and walk were pirates and Spanish conquerors did more than 400 years ago - Visit the old Spanish forts, the old customs house built in the 1600's and enter the Black Christ Church and more - See with your own eyes, the beautiful bay named by Christopher Columbus as Portobelo - Relax and enjoy the sun setting at Playa Blanca beach, pristine green Caribbean waters - Taste the Caribbean coconut milk based seafood... yummy yummy Important:  *This tour is offered from hotels in Panama City.   * Requests from resorts outside of Panama City such as Gamboa, Playa Bonita, Decameron or Playa Blanca will have an additional cost
12 hours
Shore Excursions

Cruiseline Excursion Colon: Rainforest, San Lorenzo Fort and Canal Expansion

Visit the Caribbean Rainforest, learn the San Lorenzo Fort history and observe the new Panama Canal Locks. Panama is home to 159 species of mammals, 98 species of reptiles, and 65 amphibious species. Among these are monkeys, sloths, anteaters, spider and caimans, crocodiles, and many snakes. This rainforest is an ecological paradise not to be missed! There are many stops included for photo opportunities. The tour continues on to the ruins of San Lorenzo Fort which is famous for repelling attacks by all the pirates of the Caribbean for almost 75 years, Your guide will expalin the history behind the famous ruins. Then you will stop at the new Canal Expansion: Agua Clara where you will observe how work the new Canal system with super tanker and big cargos ships transiting the new locks.
6 hours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

2 Caves in Los Haitises with Locals Expert Tour Guides ( Caño Hondo)

Our tours are with expert tour guides in nature and eco-tour, focused in the wild life of Los Haitises National Park. When you book this tour you are supporting locals to grow.This tour visit the mangroves, the San Lorenzo bay, Sand Cave, Line Cave, The Pearls dock and the rock formation of Los Haitises National Park.
4 hours