Museum in Riobamba

Museo de Arte Religioso

Inside the beautifully restored, 16th-century convent of the Conceptas nuns, Riobamba’s top museum houses one of the country’s finest collections of 17th- and 18th-century religious art. The museum’s signature piece…
Church in Riobamba


Parque La Libertad (Primera Constituyente at Alvarado) is anchored by its neoclassical basilica, famous for being the only round church in Ecuador. It was designed, built and decorated mainly by locals, making it a …
Park in Riobamba

Parque 21 de Abril

Just north of downtown, the Parque 21 de Abril has an observation platform with views of the surrounding mountains.
Park in Riobamba

Parque La Libertad

A few blocks southeast of Parque Maldonado (Primera Constituyente at Espejo), Parque La Libertad is anchored by its neoclassical basilica (Veloz near Alvarado), famous for being the only round church in Ecuador.
Park in Riobamba

Parque Maldonado

The handsome, tree-filled Parque Maldonado is flanked by Riobamba’s cathedral on the northeastern side.
Market in Riobamba


On market day (Saturday), Riobamba's streets become a hive of activity, especially along the streets northeast of Parque de la Concepción.
Market in Riobamba

Saturday Market

The Saturday market transforms Riobamba into a hive of commercial activity, when thousands of people from surrounding villages come to barter, buy and sell, spreading out their wares along the streets northeast of P…
in Riobamba


Near the main square is a museum holding the mummified remains of a Franciscan monk from the 16th century.
Church in Riobamba


Ornate restored cathedral.
Monument in Riobamba

Cow Monument

Statue of a cow.