Top Choice Books in Quito

Librería del Fondo Carlos Fuentes

One of Ecuador's best bookshops is located in the former mansion of Galo Plaza Lasso, Ecuadorian President from 1948 to 1952. An excellent selection of titles are displayed beneath the original wood-paneled ceiling …
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Quito


Next to Tianguez cafe, this fair trade shop sells a wide selection of quality handmade crafts from across Ecuador. Items are arranged by region, with information on the techniques used to produce them.
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Quito

Casa Mariscal

An artists' collective selling beautiful handmade jewelry, prints, bags, textiles and other handicrafts.
Arts & Crafts in Quito

Galería Latina

One of the finest handicraft and clothing shops in the city, Galería Latina has a huge selection of beautifully made pieces: tagua carvings, colorful Andean weavings, textiles, jewelry, sweaters and handmade items f…
Arts & Crafts in Quito

Folklore Olga Fisch

The store of legendary designer Olga Fisch (who died in 1991) is a good place to go for high-quality crafts, bags and accessories. Fisch was a Hungarian artist who immigrated to Ecuador in 1939 and worked with indig…
Jewelry in Quito


Byron Ushiña, a jewelry designer who learned the craft from his father and grandfather, sells unique, beautifully made pieces, incorporating pre-Columbian designs, semiprecious stones and rare materials native to Ec…
Arts & Crafts in Quito

Galería Ecuador

This sparkling two-story complex just off Plaza Foch offers top-quality Ecuadorian-made products, ranging from handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and coffee-table books to chocolates, wine and liqueurs.
Arts & Crafts in Quito

Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal

Half a city block filled by more than 200 crafts stalls, with good prices and mixed quality. It’s great for souvenirs.
Arts & Crafts in Quito

Arte Rayuela

This bohemian store is a great place to hunt for handmade crafts, ceramics, wooden items, paper-mache pieces, jewelry and toys, most of them produced by local artists in a shared on-site workshop.
Hats in Quito

Homero Ortega P & Hijos

One of the country’s biggest sellers of Ecuadorian straw hats (aka panama hats). Offers a small but versatile selection of its famous Cuenca brand.