Quito in

Two Days

Start off at Plaza Grande in the Old Town with coffee at Isveglio. Then stroll the picturesque streets, absorbing Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús, the Plaza San Francisco sights and nearby Casa del Alabado. Come evening, drink or dine at the rooftop setting of Vista Hermosa.

On day two, ride the TelefériQo up to Cruz Loma. Visit Capilla del Hombre and Casa Museo Guayasamín before heading to Mariscal Sucre for souvenir shopping at stores like Galeria Ecuador. Head to Cosa Nostra for dinner. Close the night in La Floresta with drinks at Ochoymedio then live music at La Juliana.

Four Days

On your third day take an excursion to La Mitad del Mundo, followed by lunch with a stunning panorama at nearby El Crater. That evening (if it's a weekend night), join the crowds parading up and down La Ronda and take in live music while having a drink or meal.

On the last day, look for hummingbirds in the Jardín Botánico, delve back in time at the Museo de la Ciudad and see the latest exhibition at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo or Museo Nacional. In the evening, treat yourself to a decadent meal at Zazu or UKRO Cocina Local.