US dollar ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $40

  • Dorm beds: $9–12
  • Set lunches: $2.50–4
  • Bus ticket: $0.25
  • Pizza and beer: $10

Midrange: $40–100

  • Double room in midrange hotel: $40–90
  • Dinner for two in a good restaurant: $25–35
  • Admission to museums: $1.50–3.50
  • Taxi trip in the city: $3–7

Top end: More than $100

  • Room in a top hotel: $120–300
  • Theater tickets: $12–20
  • Pre-dinner cocktail: $7–12


Bargaining at outdoor markets is standard practice; at shops where prices are marked, this is not the case, although you may be able to make a deal when buying multiple items. Prices for long-distance taxis and independently hired canoes are negotiable. In all cases, friendly and polite negotiation is key (but you knew that).


There are a few casas de cambio (currency-exchange bureaus) in the New Town, along Avenida Amazonas between Avenida Patria and Orellana, and there are dozens of banks throughout town.

Banco de Guayaquil

Banco de Guayaquil

Banco del Pacífico

Banco del Pacífico

Banco del Pichincha

Western Union

Western Union