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Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Tour Isabela and Tintoreras

Tour the island of Isabela and the bay of Las Tintoreras, and experience some of the most popular interest points this island has to offer. Explore Los Humedales, a complex of trails, and lava formations. See native animals such as land turtles, flamingos and zarapitos, along with much flora and fauna. Visit theConcha Perla Beach, where visitors can swim and snorkel with tropical fish, penguins and turtles.
8 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Half-Day Trip to Los Tuneles Cabo Rosa in Isabela Galapagos

Embark on a must-do day trip to one of the most bio diverse sites in Galapagos. Los Tuneles, also known as Cabo Rosa, is an uninhabited islet located 1 hour from Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island. These lava formations look like tunnels and along hundreds of years have become a marine paradise inhabited by varied endemic Galapagos species. Ideal for snorkeling due to its crystal-clear and shallow waters. This site is home to sea turtles, albatrosses, flamingos, iguanas, sea lions, blue-footed boobies, royal frigate, manta rays, penguins, sea lions, sea turtles, a variety of birds, lobsters, sea snakes, among other species. An exciting day trip to an iconic Galapagos site.  Difficulty: Moderate, light hiking over lava rock. Dry landing: small zodiac boat to dock. Openwater snorkeling from boat. 
5 hours
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Hiking Day Trip to Sierra Negra Volcano Galapagos

Take a day tour to one of the most outstanding sites in Isabela Island, Galapagos. Sierra Negara is one of the six volcanoes that form Isabela, it is also the most active one. It offers an amazing experience as you hike along its enormous caldera and enjoy beautiful landscapes across a color-filled volcanic terrain. Sierra Negra is also home to Galapagos famous native fauna and flora. This naturalist-guided tour starts at Puerto Villamil and crosses the rim of the caldera along its East side and then heads into the fresh lava fields north east of the main crater.Hiking Distance: 15 km (5-6 hours) Altitude Change: from 870 to 990m high Hiking Conditions: Easy trail, muddy sections and rocky terrain. You will need some rain gear.Trip Highlights: Bests hiking trail in the Galapagos, volcanic landscapes, Galapagos Hawks, Mockingbirds, Darwin Finches, endemic plants.
6 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Half-Day Tour to Tintoreras Islet in Isabela Island - Galapagos

Embark on a short navigation to Las Tintoreras, a chain of small islets located in the south of Puerto Villamil, Isabela. The Tintoreras bay is connected by a superficial crack with crystalline water which is closed off during low tide where it is possible to observe the iconic white-tipped sharks (Tintoreras) swimming, as well as resting tropical fish and sea lions. This area also comprises one of the most amazing snorkeling sites in Isabela. Catch sight of penguins playing and nesting depending of the time of the year. Blue footed boobies, marine iguanas and sea lions also inhabit this spot. 
3 hours
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Los Tuneles Snorkeling Day Tour

Around Los Tuneles you will find a highly contrasted colour for snorkeling with clear, calm water. Additionally, the lava flows that passed through this area had formed unique geological formations which are, of course, shaped like tunnels. You will get the chance to spot large quantities of seabirds such as the Albatros, Flamingos, Blue Footed Boobies and the magnificent Frigate bird. Besides, you can find species feeding such as tortoises, swimming iguanas, sea lions, manta rays, Galapagos penguins, lobsters, and sea snakes.
6 hours
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Tour to Tintoreras Bay from Isabela Island

Isabela Island is the largest of islands which make up the archipelago of islands Galapagos. With its great diversity of flora and fauna, glorious beaches, and abundance of history, it is one of the great attractions travelers seek in Ecuador.
3 hours