Guided Tours

Numerous agencies offer tours to Isla de la Plata or the mainland part of the park. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and fishing trips are also available. Some companies have English-, German- and French-speaking guides.

From June through September, whale-watching tours combined with visits to Isla de la Plata are popular (from $45). During July and August, whale sightings are pretty much guaranteed, while in June and September sightings may be brief, distant or just of single animals. On Isla de la Plata, groups are given lunch, a guided hike and a brief opportunity to snorkel. The journey to the island takes well over an hour and can be rough; bring a rain jacket for the wind and spray.

Licensed companies are found along Córdova and Malecón Julio Izurieta. We don’t recommend bargain-hunting for cheaper whale-watching trips on the street, because fishing boats on those trips tend to be slower and smaller and lack officially mandated equipment. The whales can also be harassed and overwhelmed by the number of boats when they're trying to calf.

Outside of the whale-watching season, similar tours to the island are offered to see birds and sea lions, and you may well see dolphins, too. Most of the operators will also arrange a variety of other local trips, such as visits to local beaches, and camping and/or horseback riding in the Agua Blanca and San Sebastián areas. It is usually cheaper to make your own way to Agua Blanca.