Top things to do in Playas

Ecuadorian in Playas

El Morro Restaurant

Look for this truly delicious eatery with no name on the 2nd floor (the 1st floor is a different restaurant) of the orange and white house at El Morro's pier. It's nothing to look at, just a handful of wooden tables…
Architecture in Playas

San Francisco Bakery

This historic 125-year-old bakery, comes complete with an original old stone oven, which is itself around a century old. Not only is it a good photo op, but it sells incredibly good sweet bread, baked every morning …
Church in Playas

Iglesia San Jacinto del Morro

Constructed in 1737, this spectacular green and white church is one of the oldest churches on Ecuador's south coast. Originally built with traditional materials wood and adobe, it stands strong despite the vicious f…
Seafood in Playas

Restaurant Jalisco

Restaurant Jalisco, a local institution with plastic chairs, has been serving cheap almuerzos, seafood plates and ceviches for some 40 years. Ask about $2.50 lunch specials.
Ecuadorian in Playas

Empanadas de Playas

A no-frills restaurants with plastic tables, serving tasty chicken, ham and cheese, and meat empanadas.