Lagunas de Atillo & Ozogoche

With the opening of the Guamote–Macas road, the spectacular páramo lakes region of Lagunas de Atillo became easily accessible, and the area is slowly being developed for horseback riding, hiking, trout fishing and even mountain biking. Still, Atillo gets very few visitors, and it’s an amazing place to see remote landscape and rural life.

About 79km from Riobamba, the road passes through Atillo, which is really a loose grouping of scattered homes. This area is surrounded by the spectacular Atillo lakes. It's possible to hike here from Ozogoche – a seven-hour walk for fit hikers – but the route follows an unmarked trail so you'll need to go with a local guide; inquire at Julio Verne Travel in Riobamba about hiring a guide or contact Anibal Tenemasa.

From Atillo the road descends through the national park, past waterfalls and virgin forest, before ending in Macas in the southern Oriente. Pro Bici and Julio Verne Travel in Riobamba offer one- and two-day biking trips along the Guamote–Macas road, passing through the lakes area. It's a spectacular route.