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Top Choice Cafe in Otavalo

Cosecha Coffee Shop

Owned by a young American expat, this contemporary cafe with Santa Fe–like adobe walls and minimalistic design wouldn't look out of place in a cool outer borough NYC neighborhood (it even serves bagels!). Sandwiches…
Pizza in Otavalo

Árbol de Montalvo

Make your way to the back of the Hostal Doña Esther for Otavalo’s only wood-fired oven pizza. Tasty, certainly, and the best in town no doubt, though crusts are cracker-thin and big eaters might need two to do the j…
International in Otavalo

Casa de Frutas

Located in an eclectic, disheveled courtyard, this spot serves satisfying granola and fruit bowls and omelets. Lunch includes stuffed avocados, soy burgers, juices and Intag coffee.
Pizza in Otavalo

Fontana di Trevi

Navigate a small, indoor mall to this second-floor pizza joint. While food can be slow in coming, it’s worth the wait for a cheesy vegetarian pizza and richly layered lasagnas.
Ecuadorian in Otavalo

Mi Otavalito

Catering to groups of Ecuadorian and foreign tourists alike, this Otavalo-themed place has sweet rustic decor. Its fresh ingredients shine in grilled meats, trout and hearty soups.
Seafood in Otavalo


This popular eatery offers up excellent seafood dishes within its dimly lit walls, but not if you’re in a rush: all main courses are cooked from scratch, so expect to wait around half an hour.
Bakery in Otavalo

Shenandoah Pie Shop

Like the pies, the shopowner is quite crusty. Although this isn't a salubrious-looking shop, the homemade fruit-flavored pies are the best in Otavalo, and ice cream is available for those with hearty appetites.
Live Performance in Otavalo


There’s a weekly cockfight, which one local argues is not about the aggressive gamecocks but the passionate audience.
Club in Otavalo


A slick three-level club attracting the younger crowd with Latin rock on weekends.
Live Music in Otavalo

Peña La Jampa

A long-running favorite with locals. Head to this club for a mix of salsa, merengue, rock en español and folklórica (folk music); usually doesn't get started until after 11pm.