Live Performance in Otavalo


There’s a weekly cockfight, which one local argues is not about the aggressive gamecocks but the passionate audience.
Club in Otavalo


A slick three-level club attracting the younger crowd with Latin rock on weekends.
Live Music in Otavalo

Peña La Jampa

A long-running favorite with locals. Head to this club for a mix of salsa, merengue, rock en español and folklórica (folk music); usually doesn't get started until after 11pm.
in Otavalo

Jala Jala

One of the town’s newer peñas (bars or clubs with live music), this elongated space gets busy in the wee hours.
Live Music in Otavalo


Live Andean music, generally after 10pm, is performed at this basement space in the center of town.
Cinema in Otavalo

Teatro Bolívar

This cinema presents two showings daily: one for kids and the other for Jean Claude Van Damme fans. It’s between Calderón and Colón.