Museum in Otavalo

Instituto Otavaleño de Antropología

The Instituto Otavaleño de Antropología is packed with ancient artifacts from the region. It’s located inside the University of Otavalo, one block north of Sucre and Panamericana.
Bird Sanctuary in Otavalo

Parque Cóndor

Get an up-close view of Andean condors, as well as eagles, owls, falcons and hawks at this Dutch-owned foundation, which rehabilitates these and other birds of prey. Don’t miss the free flight demonstrations at 11:3…
Market in Otavalo

Animal Market

You might have little use for screaming piglets, bags of guinea pigs or a lethargic cow, but it’s worth visiting this weekly market for the atmosphere and general chaos. Cross the bridge at the end of Colón and foll…
Market in Otavalo

Daily Market

During our visit, a large, covered complex was being built just west of the Panamericana. When finished (the opening has been repeatedly delayed due to corruption scandals involving construction contracts), it will …
Market in Otavalo

Crafts Market

Plaza de Ponchos, the nucleus of the crafts market, is filled every day with vendors selling woolen goods, such as rugs, tapestries, blankets, ponchos, sweaters, scarves, gloves and hats – as well as embroidered blo…
Landmark in Otavalo

El Lechero

While this tree outside Otavalo is famous for its magical healing powers, it's much more reliable as a great picnic spot, romantic or otherwise, and for fresh air and great views of town. It’s a steep 4km walk or a …
Square in Otavalo

Plaza de Ponchos

Vendors hock an astounding array of wares at the crafts market on Plaza de Ponchos each and every day, but Saturday is the principal market day. Roads are jammed with visitors perusing its staple of woolen goods suc…
University in Otavalo

University of Otavalo