Books in Otavalo

Book Market

The place to buy, sell and trade books in English, German, French and other languages. Between Moreno and Montalvo.
Food & Drinks in Otavalo


Don’t expect much meat or produce at this grocery store/supermarket, whose specialty is all things canned. But you will find an ATM here.
Arts & Crafts in Peguche

El Gran Condor

On the central plaza of Peguche, El Gran Condor is the place for textile fanatics who didn’t find what they wanted in Otavalo. The shop sells high-quality textiles made locally, including sweaters, scarves and wall …
Coffee in Apuela

Asociación Río Intag

Near the plaza, visit Café Río Intag, a cooperative coffee factory whose beans are produced by a group of local farmers and artists organized as Asociación Río Intag. It also sell handicrafts made by local women.
Arts & Crafts in Peguche

Tejidos Mimahuasi

You can get a glimpse of the weaving process here.
Music in Peguche

Taller de Instrumentos Andimos-Nañda Mañachi

This family crafts traditional musical instruments, including panpipes, charangos and 10-stringed mandolin-like instruments traditionally made from armadillo shells.