Runa Tupari Native Travel

Top choice cultural in Otavalo

Deservedly renowned and respected, Runa Tupari have partnered with indigenous, mestizo (person of mixed indigenous and Spanish descent) and Afro-Ecuadorian rural communities to offer sightseeing, hiking, horseback-riding and biking trips. Rural homestays are $35 per night, while various volunteering options cost $15 per day and include room and board (15-day minimum).

Offbeat options include a bumpy 2000m mountain-bike descent into the Intag’s tropical cloud forest ($90 per person) and a round-trip 10-hour hike up ‘Mama’ Volcán Cotacachi (4939m; $95 per person). Runa Tupari can customize day- to week-long trips to meet every need and taste.

Not only does Runa Tupari have professional, reliable and enthusiastic guides, but it also offers everyday transportation services so that you can explore the region at your own pace.