Top Choice Cemetery in Tulcán

Cementerio de Tulcán

A maze of cypress trees – sculpted into bulbous, pre-Columbian totems, mythological figures, animals and geometric shapes – lines graves and mausoleums ornamented with candles and plastic flowers. Bushes and hedges …
Market in Otavalo

Daily Market

During our visit, a large, covered complex was being built just west of the Panamericana. When finished (the opening has been repeatedly delayed due to corruption scandals involving construction contracts), it will …
Cable Car in Mindo


This unique hand-powered cable car takes you soaring across a lush river basin over thick cloud forest to the Bosque Protector Mindo-Nambillo, where you can hike to a number of waterfalls. Certainly not for the acro…
Museum in Cotacachi

Museo de las Culturas

Located in the neoclassical, former municipal palace, several small galleries present the ethnohistory of the region, from 8500 BC through colonial and republican periods. It's worth visiting for the indigenous reli…
Bird Sanctuary in Otavalo

Parque Cóndor

Get an up-close view of Andean condors, as well as eagles, owls, falcons and hawks at this Dutch-owned foundation, which rehabilitates these and other birds of prey. Don’t miss the free flight demonstrations at 11:3…
in Northern Highlands

Galería Luís Potosí

This small village near Ibarra specializes in woodcarvings. The most renowned gallery in San Antonio de Ibarra is Galería Luís Potosí. Potosí has achieved fame throughout Ecuador and abroad. Ask to see the workspace…
Museum in Ibarra

Museo Arqueológico y Etnográfico Atahualpa

Several small galleries with a fascinating pre-Columbian artifacts unearthed in the area. The majority of objects, including ceramic ceremonial pieces and sculptures and armaments, as well as intentionally deformed …
Market in Otavalo

Animal Market

You might have little use for screaming piglets, bags of guinea pigs or a lethargic cow, but it’s worth visiting this weekly market for the atmosphere and general chaos. Cross the bridge at the end of Colón and foll…
Museum in Ibarra

Centro Cultural Ibarra

A small, impressive collection of 14th- to 19th-century religious paintings and archaeological galleries featuring prehistoric ceramics and gold artifacts from Pimampiro. Text in Spanish and English.
Butterfly Farm in Mindo

Mariposas de Mindo

Mindo has several butterfly farms, but this is the best of them. Visit in the warmest part of the day, around 11am, when butterflies are most active. It also has a restaurant and lodging.