Top things to do in Northern Carchi

Top Choice Cemetery in Tulcán

Cementerio de Tulcán

Who would have thought the coolest thing you may see in Ecuador would be a cemetery? A maze of cypress trees – sculpted into bulbous, pre-Columbian totems, mythological figures, animals and geometric shapes – lines …
Park in El Ángel

Reserva Ecológica El Ángel

The 16,000-hectare Reserva Ecológica El Ángel includes frailejones, rare, otherworldly plants with fuzzy leaves and thick trunks. From El Ángel, take the highway to La Libertad. Turn off at Libertad and continue 13k…
Cafe in Tulcán

Cafe Tulcán

A popular and modern spot serving up sandwiches, coffee and cake since 1945. Treat yourself to an ice-cream ($2 to $3) too. Jose, the third-generation owner, is kind as can be.
Market in Tulcán

Mercado Plaza Central

This block-long, well-ordered covered market is an excellent place for a meal. Order from one of the comedores and get a fruit juice from a vendor in their respective sections, before grabbing a table or space in th…
Chinese in Tulcán

Pak Choy

Spiffily dressed waiters in black vests and ties serve up basic Chinese fare in an upscale (for Tulcán), split-level dining room. Located on the ground floor of the Palacio Imperial Hotel.
Burgers in Tulcán


A popular greasy spoon serving burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken. In a town famous for 'burguers,' here's a brand name.
Karaoke in Tulcán

Pianoteka Andres

You're stuck in Tulcán for the night, right? Why not enjoy a bit of a singalong in Hotel Sara Espindola?