Northern Carchi restaurants

Cafe in Tulcán

Cafe Tulcán

A popular and modern spot serving up sandwiches, coffee and cake since 1945. Treat yourself to an ice-cream ($2 to $3) too. Jose, the third-generation owner, is kind as can be.
Market in Tulcán

Mercado Plaza Central

This block-long, well-ordered covered market is an excellent place for a meal. Order from one of the comedores and get a fruit juice from a vendor in their respective sections, before grabbing a table or space in th…
Chinese in Tulcán

Pak Choy

Spiffily dressed waiters in black vests and ties serve up basic Chinese fare in an upscale (for Tulcán), split-level dining room. Located on the ground floor of the Palacio Imperial Hotel.
Burgers in Tulcán


A popular greasy spoon serving burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken. In a town famous for 'burguers,' here's a brand name.